At our wellness spa we takes care of your health in the most natural and traditional form of treatment. As we still use the technique which was earlier used when practice of travelling to hot or cold water for treatment from some illness which is dated back to prehistoric times. You will experience the purification of your mind and soul both physically and mentally in our wellness spa. Your mind will be filled with positive thoughts after visiting us.

Your daily routine of life, your diet and types of exercise will be well planned by our dietitian for treatment through naturopathy. The main thing which will help you more at our wellness spa will be your faith and belief in Ayurveda. After visiting us you will surely feel relieved of all your stress and worries. With our massage service your body's energy will be managed well and systematically.

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Our soul is well aware of how to heal itself,the only challenge is to silence our mind. This could be attained here with our meditation chambers. Meditation is not basically concentration but it is indeed deconcentration of mind. It is not a luxury any more but a must to do necessity of our stressful and busy life.

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While we diet we just don't eat less but we start eating healthy and nutritious food. With a proper diet not only our body gains proper shape as well it boosts our immunity as well. Our professional dietitian takes good care of your health.